Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fashion News: Project Runway Finale + Interview with Christian

Rich Girl is a huge fan of Project Runway. In case you missed last nights finale, fierce designer Christian Siriano took the title. Here is more from his interview with People earlier today:

Congratulations on winning! Earlier, you won the audience award. Did you expect to win that title?

I was a little surprised. I knew I was up there just because my sassy commentary. Don’t get me wrong! I have lots of MySpace friends. I [thought] it was going to be me or Chris or Sweet P . . . I’m glad people don’t think I’m a sassy diva. I’m nice, and I love people. I just like to be sassy and funny. I know I made a lot of comments, but you know, every comment I made [about another designer], you heard it from the judges! So, I wasn’t worried.

A lot has been made of your age and you being the youngest Project Runway winner. Do you think that ever overshadows your work?

The fact that I am young is wonderful because a lot of young designers and people who watch the show are really supportive . . . I’m glad I can be a mentor for them. But in general, yes, my age comes up a lot. But as you can see on the show, age has nothing to do with it. Jillian’s 26 — and Sweet P’s 46 . . . Even though they’re successful, [it] doesn’t mean that I can’t be as successful even though I don’t have as much so-called experience. I don’t want people to think my age hinders me . . . [And] I forget how old I am sometimes. I’m kind of like, “Oh, I am still really young.”

It was a really authentic moment when you cried on the runway. Do you think it changed people’s perception of you?

I’m glad I got to show my emotions on the stage and in front of people because I’ve been sassy and really confident the whole season. I always say that Project Runway is my game; I can sew fast and be creative quickly. But Jillian and Rami had a long time to work [so for the first time, I was] Competing with people who had more time to do their work . . . I was exhausted. It was such a long day . . . [Standing there] I was confident. I thought my collection was really amazing and obviously the crowd loved it at the show . . . During the judging, the comments were amazing. I was so emotional because I was like, “Oh my god, what if I win? This is going to change my life.”

So, besides you, which of the other finalists deserved to win?

That’s easy. Jillian would have deserved to win just for the mere fact that she’s technically amazing and creative. I love her pieces. If I was a woman I would wear them. Don’t get me wrong, I might wear some of the jackets anyway . . . Rami’s successful. He has a business. He’s had it for years. He has dressed more celebrities than I can count on two hands, so I don’t really feel that [the title] was really that beneficial for him.

Victoria Beckham loved your collection. Have you two been in touch? Are you really going to design for her?

I’ll be seeing her next week, so I made her a few dresses. Hopefully she likes them, so we’ll see how it goes. I really don’t think I could have picked at this point a better judge and a better, fabulous person to dress and be in that moment with me. It was just perfect. After the filming, we chatted and she really said some amazing things. And it’s such an honor because she can wear any designer she wants.

Of course, you’re now $100,000 richer. What are you going to do with the money? And what’s next for you?

I’m definitely buying a bed. That will be the first purchase. But honestly I’m working very hard. I’m going to show next season at [Fashion Week] in the tents again. I have some sponsors . . . I really want to go more of a high fashion route. I want to be in high-end stores. I do want to do more wearable pieces that are more sellable and do something fun with another designer or another celebrity, but that will come maybe a little later — unless something comes up right away. Who knows? Maybe Victoria Beckham will ask me to work for her new label. You never know.

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