Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cover Me: Angelina Jolie

Stunning as always, Ms. Jolie covers the new issue of Italian Vanity Fair. Rich Girl favorite Angelina gives us a little peak into her life and discusses her kids and the possibility of getting married. Here's a snippet:
Angelina on why she travels everywhere with her kids: “I want them to be able to walk through a marketplace in Adis Ababa and not bat and eye, not think it is dirty and ugly, but that it just represents another part of the world and humanity.”

Angelina on tying the knot: “Usually people fall in love and everything revolves around the ritual of marriage, children are an afterthought. We did everything backwards. But sooner or later it will be the kids who ask us [to get married]. You know, they see films and start asking questions. Such as, ‘Why are Shrek and Fiona married and you’re not?’

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